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January 29 2018

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None in England wtfffff


How unreasonable is it for me to go from cornwall to glasgow just to see AM?

January 28 2018



i’ve seen people object to the petname “babe” because it’s in that vein of weird pet names that sorta belittle the person youre calling them but for me it’s not like i mean to compare someone to a baby. i mean to compare you to the best and bravest pig who ever lived. a true hero. if i had words to make a day for you, i’d sing a morning golden and true

January 20 2018


January 18 2018





PSA: journalists aren’t supposed to put names in the headlines if the person isn’t a public figure. It’s not a matter of maliciously not giving credit

^^^as a journalist, this is something that bothers me ALL THE TIME

A friend of mine on Twitter explained this the other day, so to elaborate based on what she said: If the name is not instantly recognizable the way a public figure is, then putting the name in the headline isn’t going to bring about any sort of recognition or connection in the reader, and doesn’t do much to draw the reader into the story. But something like “local teen” does create a connection by tying the person into the community, and encourages the reader to learn more about what this local teen has done. The name will be in the article itself, after the headline has done its job at getting the reader to look into it.

January 17 2018

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I love my housemates but also I feel like every problem with anything to do with the house is just ‘tell Victoria and she’ll sort it’ and I can’t really deal with it all the time

January 15 2018


Medical students: have you helped at a hospital this winter?


I have to make it clear that as students, we were assisting with things like cannulas and taking bloods long before this crisis; certainly we were doing these things 5 years ago when I was a student. I was also clerking patients in one of the busiest (if not the busiest) A&E in the UK as a student, and my help was very appreciated; I felt useful and competent, and I honed lots of skills that stood me in excellent stead when I gratuated not long after. I would see a patient, examine/take a history/do procedures, and discuss them with a doc immediately afterwards, who would assess the case, too, and give me feedback. This meant that patient care wasn’t delayed, and the docs didn’t need to spend as much time sorting that particular patient out.

I’m more than happy for med students to assist by practicing basic competencies like that. Or clerking patients in A&E, as long as there are enough staff for us to ensure proper supervision.

Because yes, med school does insure you to work with patients, but students are still vulnerable, and need adequate supervision. As a student you don’t have access to IT systems or results. You don’t have enough training yet, and you can’t actually make most things happen. And if students are being asked to step in more than before, I’d be worried that they may not always be getting adequate supervision, which could be risky for patients and for students.

So if as a student you are ‘helping out’, make sure that it’s very clear who is supervising you, and that they are able to actually do so. If you clerk a patient in A&E, they still need to be reviewed by a doctor. If you do procedures, or take bloods, your supervising clinician needs to know, so they can chase the results.

You’re not obligated to shore up problem departments, and you shouldn’t do anything that you feel uncomfortable with, or that you feel inadequately experienced to do.


openly lusting for kitchenware and home goods that you will never be able to afford

January 09 2018



i do not know a SINGLE person, not even out of my friends, not even out of the most woke people on this damn site, that only likes unproblematic things. every single one of us likes something that’s fucking garbage. so some of y’all can climb down off your high horses and stop competing for the “least problematic” award honest to god.

January 04 2018

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December 31 2017

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December 21 2017

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you scared everyone else away. but not you. not yet.

December 17 2017


We have a group chat that is just all the girls in our locality and honestly I don’t think I’d get through most of our lectures without it

December 12 2017

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December 09 2017

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Make sure you react not with anger, but with love. Love always wins.

December 06 2017

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the progression of jac and fletch reaching out for each other

December 05 2017


Why is everyone acting as though we don’t know it’s obviously going to be Raf is going to die? We know Joe is leaving it’s obviously him guys

December 02 2017

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jac/fletch + height difference

November 22 2017


My favourite thing about holby is the complete lack of accuracy in how training for doctors actually works, Damon ,an F1, wants to go and study under one specific guy? Why no. Morven only wants to work on one ward for her entire foundation years? Go for it.

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