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March 22 2017

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March 21 2017


WHy are hospitals so shit at organisation tho??

March 20 2017

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Cleaning my closet out anybody want these?? Men’s size 8 ½ US….41 ½ Euro…..7 ½ UK

I made them as a demo they’re men’s size so never worn. Just send me a message

I don’t just want to take them to goodwill lol

March 19 2017

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actual badass DC kate fleming

March 18 2017


lol one of my housemates is really mad at me because she told multiple people about a girl getting with another of our friends, when we were specifically asked not to tell anyone, and I had the audacity to call her out on being shitty


Tonight was weird
One of my very straight female friends kissed me and another asked to touch my boobs
St Patrick’s day does something to people man

March 12 2017


How has this week been this shit like first we have not hot water or washing machine and now my new leather jacket gets knicked at a club like 💩💩💩💩

March 09 2017


March 08 2017

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alistairrayner If you want to find an Arctic Monkey you have to look in cold places ❄️

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March 07 2017


this kind of shit it exactly why i don’t understand everyone defending Jasmine like she does so much shit all the time and its so fucked up 

March 06 2017


Are they many more socially stressful things than trying to organise student housing 

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@ Frequency Festival, St. Pölten, Austria | 19.08.2016

March 05 2017

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Im loving these bunch of photos of Van Mccann, these are still from the SSE Wembley Arena gig. Uk tour.

Photo, courtney farrell
Euphoria Mag

March 02 2017


I’m 20 in like less than 2 weeks
I’m almost no longer a teenager

February 26 2017


Both the Turners being equally as useless as each other is my aesthetic 


this new bitch is my icon holy shit





okay but if you’re ever in london and you have the chance to see a shakespeare play performed at the globe theatre itself DO IT even if you don’t think you’d dig shakespeare

if you need convincing here are a few highlights from when my family and i went to see the official globe theatre production of a midsummer night’s dream:

  • they cast helena as a guy (helenus), first of all. they took a straight love square between two girls and two guys and made it a love square between a girl and three guys, only one of which was white. both sets of couples get happy endings and it’s fuckin adorable
  • it was reimagined with an indian setting
  • puck had a water pistol and kept shooting at the audience
  • historical accuracy?? who cares everyone’s gonna dress like a modern hipster teenager
  • bottom and his acting troupe sung bon jovi
  • oh yeah also the acting troupe were reimagined as globe theatre employees with delusions of acting skills
  • hermia and helenus sung single ladies by beyonce
  • innuendos. innuendoes everywhere
  • oberon walked onstage for the fight between oberon and titania drunk with a half-empty bottle of schweppes
  • lysander spent a significant length of time in the play wandering around in just boxers and a leather jacket
  • oberon made out with puck
  • demetrius dabbed

its what shakespeare would have wanted

Can confirm, fantastic experience

February 25 2017

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@ Majestic Ventura Theater
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